Swedish Body Massage

Swedish Body Massage or often just referred to asBody Massage Therapy has been around for hundreds of years and is designed to give you an all round relaxing and therapeutic experience

Unlike Sports Massage, Swedish follows a set routine of up to one hour and aims to soothe and ease all your tired limbs and back. Complete discretion is adhered to and only the parts of the body being worked on that time are ever exposed.

The client is in complete control as to the depth of the techniques applied as the aim is to provide as comfortable and relaxing experience as possible.

Body Massage is not just for women either (nor people of Swedish descent!) It is of benefit to ALL, and can massively help you shake off all the stresses, strains and aches & pains of a busy life, stressful job or pestering kids!

Some of the benefits of Body Massage are

  • Relieves stress
  • Can help improve sleep patterns
  • Help with removal of dead skin cells
  • Improve and increase circulation
  • Nourishes the skin and improves tone
  • Assists lymphatic flow by removing toxins and
    waste (ridding you of that ‘lethargic groggy feeling’)
  • Relieves muscular pain and tension
  • Helps improve function and movement of
    muscles and joints
  • Generally helps improve the feeling of wellbeing
    and can improve confidence.

One hour treatments are available for a full body massage, which includes an additional 15 minutes consulation for new clients.

For those looking at just back, neck and shoulders, then a 30 minute session can be booked just for that.

OR, for tired aching feet and stiff, painful necks – why not book in for our Top & Toes Treatment?

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