Some of the feedback from our clients

TonyTony Caddies-Green (IT Project Manager)

During training for The Great North Run 9 years ago I noticed that I had pain in my knees. Having completed the run it continued to get worse. In the intervening years I have seen multiple consultants, had x-rays and an MRI scan, physiotherapy, and an operation - but nothing helped. One session with Micky to get the knots out of my hamstrings and I have been pain free for weeks. I am even running on the treadmill at the gym again. I can't thank him enough.

Gerry Scott (59) Osteoarthritis in the Hip

I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my hip. I managed this with Yoga, Pilates and weekly Chiropractic treatments. These didn't seem to be helping so I booked in with Micky and the pain relief was much longer lasting. My good leg was overworked and tired too. Over the next two months, the muscles in my bad leg started getting sore. I thought this was a BAD thing - but it showed that I had started working it more again. The muscles around the hip strengthened and I had no need to rely on painkiller relief anymore. When I visited my consultant to discuss hip replacement, he had to double check all my details because the X-Ray picture "Was not MY leg" - he was astounded as to how much extra strength and mobility I had gained in just 6 months and advised rather than replace the hip - 'Just keep doing what you're doing, Gerry' . Micky's work has allowed me to cope much better and allowed me to build strength through walking and Yoga instead of hobbling in pain all the time. Thank you Micky!!!

Ian StainesIan Staines (Ironman Triathlete -NE31 Tri Club)

I have been competing in Triathlons and Ironman for 20 years but over my last few events I had been cramping in my adductors in the run leg every time and it was really hampering my final result because I was reduced to walking some of it. I had read about benefits of Sports Massage in Triathlon magazines so booked a session in with MM Sports Massage. My legs felt much more loose and 'springy' in my next run so I booked one a week for 6 weeks leading up to Ironman Wales last year. Not only did I NOT cramp but I did my best ever time and came 18th in my Age Catergory. I havent cramped at all since and I mix regular massage in with my training - I don't know how I managed without it now! Highly recommended.

Paul McMenzie (Weightlifting and Body Building)

1 - My left shoulder was causing me constant pain when lifting weights and I was developing an inbalance in my pecs, deltoids and back. I came in to see Micky and he throughly massaged all my back muscles and rotator cuff. Over 2 or 3 sessions, my shoulder eased off and I could actually VISIBLY see the difference looking in the mirror. On top of that, the work he did on my lower back got rid of all the stiffness and tightness in my hamstrings, gluts and lower back - my dead lifts improved dramatically. I couldn't get anthing over 160kg. Now, I am pushing over the 190kg mark and will hit 200kg soon. I couldn't have done it without the work done on my back. I regularily book in once or twice a month now.

2 - Working offshore with lots of travel up to Aberdeen and back had caused my neck to stiffen up from draughty trains - giving me pain all up one side of my neck. I booked in for half and hour and it totally cleared up - No more neck pain - Thanks again.

Aidan MacdermottAidan MacDermott (Cyclist - GS Metro)

I have regularly attended to see Micky and have been very impressed with his assessment and treatments. Following a period of heavy training I developed knee pain and Micky recognised that I had a tight iliotibial band and spent several sessions treating this.

My knee pain resolved completely. I would highly recommend MM Sports Massage for any sport or other recreational complaints.

Donna Ayre (YActive Gym Manager)

Micky recently volunteered his time at our annual aerobathon in aid of The Pink Ribbon Foundation at YMCA North Tyneside.  We had over 30 participants exercising for 4 full action packed hours!  Micky came along and offered 10-15min massages to help us through the day.  Everyone was coming back into the studio raving about the excellent service they received on the day and immediately booked a full hour session with Micky. He also donated an hour free massage into our raffle.  Thank you for all your help on the day!

Graeme Cansdale (Delivery driver)

In my job as a Removal Man, I thought  back muscle injuries were inevitable and an occupational hazard. After seeing Micky and getting to the root of the problem, I realised regular deep muscle massage as a preventative treatment was a much better way to approach the issue. I would recommend him to anyone who has been hampered by recurrent muscle problems and wants results.

Sarah Fordham (Runner - Wallsend Harriers)

I had a lot of muscle tension build-up from regular running. I was more than happy with my treatment; Micky was friendly, professional and took the time to listen to my specific needs. The massage itself was great, my legs felt thoroughly worked, especially the muscles which Micky pointed out needed a bit of extra attention! Went for a run a couple of days after and could definitely feel the benefits. My legs felt a lot looser and supple. I would highly recommend Micky as a sports masseur and I will definitely be returning for regular treatments.

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