Sports Massage

Up until a few years ago, Sports Massage wasn't really as readily available as it is now. The general conception that it was for 'Elite Athletes only' and something professional footballers would get at half-time, along with their oranges! But this is no longer the case! Sports Massage is both available and affordable to ALL.

Looking at the recent success of GB's cyclists,Sky Cycling Team
and in particular Bradley Wiggins' fine
performance to become the first ever British winner of the Tour de France, he, and the Sky Pro Cycling Team taking about 'percentages'. Cycling is just one of many sports where massage plays a big big role. The flushing out of all those toxins and lactic acid plays a massive part of their day to day recovery. Sky and the GB squad have pursued every possible avenue looking for all those 'little percentages' that make the difference to getting the optimum performance out of their athletes. From the best bikes, to special clothing, right down to
diet and massage.

Now think about your OWN performance be it in your Sport or just in life. Massage is an affordable way of keeping in top shape by allowing the body to perform better, and recover faster! So give your body what it needs and you WILL feel the benefits from it. (We can't guarantee you will win the Tour de France though!!)

Remember - its NOT just for Sporty types! The majority of our bookings are to try and cure bad back and neck pain caused by poor posture at work, repetitive strain, pain down one side, sciatica and many other issues. Typically a lot of desk based jobs or jobs involving heavy physical activity or lifting - and that includes mother's who regularily carry a child in one arm! - can cause people a great deal of muscular discomfort.

Sports Massage will ease that discomfort and often clear it altogether!

Sports massage therapy is a deeper tissue massage than a Swedish Body Massage. Techniques applied will begin with gentle effreulage strokes to warm up the muscle before deeper techniques are applied. Unlike Swedish, there is NO set routine, it is entirely down to the client as to what treatment is required. For example, specifically Back, neck and shoulders or predominatly legs, gluteals etc.

The type of treatment can vary depending on what the requirement is :-

So if you feel that you can benefit from Sports Massage from an Athlete who understands both the day to day aches and pains of normal everyday life AND who is experienced in whats required for optimum sporting performance then contact us and make an appointment. Covering the whole of the North Tyneside and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne areas and based in Whitley Bay, Cullercoats and Forest Hall - or call to arrange a visit to your home or event.

Also available in Cumbria - Ambleside-Keswick-Rydal and mobile visits across the Lake District. Call to arrange a booking



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