Sports Massage - Frequently Asked Questions

This is my first Sports Massage Treatment - what should I expect?

For the first appointment, you will be expected to fill in a client consultation form outlining any medical conditions, doctors details, plus any contraindictaions etc (see below) If you have any doubts of any conditions prior to treatment - please consult your GP. You will also undergo a postural assessment and some range of movement tests. So it is best to bring a pair of shorts, and for ladies - a vest top or similar. This allows visibility of alignment of hips, shoulders and spine etc. It is NOT advisable to administer any painkillers in the 2 hrs prior to treatment so that a safe amount of pressure can be used. It is advisable to bring a bottle of water along too - to begin rehydration to help flush out toxins after the treatment.

I've heard that Sports Massage can be really painful, is this true?

Yes and No. You will often hear people associating Sports Massage with 'pain' and you even hear some people say 'I went to this sports masseur - he was GREAT, I couldnt walk or talk for 3 days, but it was brilliant" Sports Massage does not HAVE to be sore to be effective! Basically if you have a particularly problematic, overused or tight area of your body then needless to say, working on it MAY be painful. But that does not mean that it MUST be painful to be effective!! Our approach is NOT to make the massage hurt just for the sake of urban myth, but to ensure that the desired effect, healing and recuperation of muscles can be achieved.

I don't do any Sports, so is this not for me?

Sport Massage is for everyone! Our most common complaint is people with back aches, stiff neck and shoulders. Mainly caused by office based jobs, driving long hours, sleep issues or stress.

I have a cold/sore throat, can I still be massaged?

NO. This is what we call a general contra-indication as it is a viral infection. Massage stimulates circulation and can help to spread infection around the body.

After my massage, I have been told NOT to drink alcohol. Why not?

If you intend to consume alcohol post-massage then I would advise booking at a more convenient time. The reason for this is because massage will raise core temperature by the stimulation of circulation, muscular systems and increased lymphatic function. Drinking alcohol also raises internal core temperature so the combination of the two is NOT recommended.

What should I wear?

The only parts of the body that are being treated are exposed, but underwear/shorts should be worn at all times. No upper garments need removed if its only the legs being worked on, but its advised not to wear anything which may be subject to any stain/tinting from Oils or creams.

Do I need consent from my GP or other Medical Practitioner?

As part of the initial assessment any local or general contra-indications will be identified or other medical issues will be brought to the attention of the therapist. In the event of anything preventing treatment, Medical Consent will then be advised before proceeding.

What ARE contra-indications?

Local contra-indications are things like bruises, recent scar tissue, sprained ankle etc. And wouldn't prevent treatment - caution will be taken to avoid the area. General contra-indications are more severe and treatment can only take place with Medical consent from your GP or other Health Practitioner. Examples of this are High Blood Pressure, pregnancy in the first 16 weeks or colds/flu virus.

Can you treat injuries?

Yes, as a Level 4 Sport Massage Therapist, you're trained to deal with injuries and advance techniques applicable to soft tissue injuries. For example Ice massage can benefit in the acute stages of an injury. Realigning the muscle fibres will help the injured muscle heal stronger.

My friend had a massage said they felt even worse the next day, why?

Massage is of great benefit to ALL. Some clients will have one treatment and leave feeling ontop of the world! But sometimes, when pain is acute and built up over a long time, it takes longer to fix. We're not miracle workers! Sometimes it may take two-three treatments to really get break down all that tension and 'knottyness' ! So, its not uncommon to feel sore/stiff the next day, its often the day AFTER that, that the benefits really start to feel apparent.

Actually, Sport Massage doesn't sound right for me. What else can you offer?

MM Sports Massage are also qualified in Swediish Body massage. This is a full body relaxing massage and will massively aid in combating general stresses and strains of everday life, improve skin and muscle tone and can even ensure a good nights sleep!